How to Reset the MFA?


  • Reset MFA is needed when the Appxite user does not have access anymore to previously registered account in the Authenticator app on a mobile device, very often following changing a mobile phone or some additional scenarios.
  • Reset MFA is available to the administrator user roles (distributor admin or seller admin).
  • Reset MFA is only applicable to the users which selected 'Account' option during user invitation as other invitation methods (eg. Live ID) have their own proprietary verification mechanisms.


In order to reset MFA:

1. Navigate to Users section, select the particular User, and select 'Reset MFA' next:

2. You will be presented with the following prompt, select 'Confirm' or 'Cancel':

3. Upon selecting 'Confirm', you will be presented with the prompt message in bottom right corner informing you if the operation was successful and if not the reason of failure, eg.


4. From this point, the user should follow this guide for login to the platform for the first time since the MFA has been reset:
Using Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) for Custom User Database.





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