Release Notes 152

What's new

Improved subscription scheduling

When you schedule changes for your subscription, a new "Subscriptions - order scheduled" notification is sent. It contains details of the scheduled change:

  • Subscription name
  • Scheduled date
  • Order number
  • Subscription details

Going forward, it is also easier to track all changes scheduled for your subscriptions:

  • In the Subscriptions section you can now easily see if any changes are scheduled
  • Clicking on one and opening the "Scheduled changes" tab will give a new overview of all scheduled changes: who made them, effective time, related order number, and link to further details.
  • If you change the renewal configuration for a Microsoft subscription in Partner Center, it will now also be synced (may take up to 24h) and displayed on the "Scheduled changes" tab - just like for the changes you schedule through the platform.

Custom billing cycles

All vendors on AppXite platform now have a brand new ability to create completely custom billing cycles. It further extends the billing and commitment period combinations you can offer to customers. It especially improves support for valuable long-term billing options.

Your existing pricing plans are not affected. However, if you wish to add new custom billing options, you can create a new plan with these brand-new capabilities:

  • Support billing cycles with duration of 3, 6, 18 months and more. You can now offer recurring billing with any period between 1 and 84 months.
  • Allow customer configure billing independently for each service component in your plan. For example, allow choosing between 1-, 3- and 6- month cycles for one license, but 6-, 12- and 24-month cycles for another license. Here's how:
    • Create multiple fields (dropdowns or radio buttons) on Design tab and enable "Use as Billing Cycle" on each.
    • Create any mix of billing cycles you need. Select the new "Use custom settings" option in the Billing Cycle section on the Price tab.
    • For each billing cycle field, select the billing cycle options that should be available.

The new billing cycles will be displayed to partners and customers during purchase as "Every 6 months", "Every 36 months" and similar.

Updating your catalog

When updating your catalog, it now takes just one click to see all the products that you have not added to any categories yet. It will help you create or update your catalog without leaving part of your service portfolio out by accident.

Fixes and tweaks

  • Microsoft's NCE subscriptions are labeled "NCE" in the Subscriptions section.
  • Sometimes users naturally try to disable subscription renewal by scheduling changes "On renewal". To prevent failing orders, we made this checkbox incompatible with scheduling. As a result, you can only change the renewal status while editing the subscription "Now".


These updates went live on Oct 12, 2023.

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