Scheduled Orders


AppXite platform provides functionality to schedule change orders for future dates. As available options are to schedule a change order at a Custom Date or On Renewal for subscription.

Scheduled Orders can be executed only if such changes are eligible by Vendor. In case Scheduled Order is denied by vendor, order will be failed by platform.

Platform also synchronizes On Renewal date scheduled orders from vendor. Such scheduled orders will be visible also under the Scheduled Changes tab in the Subscription edit view.

Supported scheduled order actions for Custom Date:

  1. Quantity increase.
  2. Upgrade to a different offer.
  3. Term Duration.
  4. Billing Cycle.
  5. Other actions as enabled by Vendor (including quantity decrease if enabled by vendor).

Supported scheduled order actions for On Renewal:

  1. Quantity change.
  2. Upgrade to a different offer.
  3. Term Duration.
  4. Billing Cycle.
  5. Other actions as enabled by Vendor.

Current limitations:

  • In scenario where user for example has Business Basic offer and has scheduled on-renewal change to upgrade to Business Standard in OrderScheduled notification user will see already the name of upgraded subscription.


  • In scenario where user updates subscription in Vendor platform there can be inconsistency with AppXite platform until change gets synced to platform.


Important to note:

  • For scheduled orders the same as for regular orders status should be validated in orders section and with vendor as service sync issues are possible.
  • User can schedule one On Renewal and one Custom Date change at the same time.
  • Scheduled changes from Microsoft will be synced on the next calendar day.
  • On Renewal scheduled orders are synced from platform to Vendor immediately whilst Custom Date scheduled orders are stored on platform and executed at the scheduled date.
  • Any changes made in Microsoft Partner Center will override existing On Renewal scheduled changes in platform.
  • In Orders section scheduled orders on Custom Date will be shown with status 'Scheduled' whilst for orders On Renewal status will be 'Provision finished'.
  • For scheduled orders on Custom Date there is a possibility to cancel order. For scheduled orders on Renewal Date there is possibility to Overwrite On Renewal scheduled change.
  • User cannot schedule 'Renews On' checkbox as such orders are not accepted by vendor. If users wants to adjust 'Renews On' checkbox using edit 'Now' option.
  • On Scheduled changes tab price is shown without extended information about markup.
  • Scheduled orders can be placed only if no orders are in progress or scheduled for the subscription.
  • Scheduled Orders on Custom Date will not be cancelled if there will be subscription configuration change. Platform will try to execute order and return either successful or failed response on the target date.


Platform UI overview:

When making changes to a subscription user can select from three options: Now / On Renewal / Custom date. Important to note that for Microsoft legacy CSP subscriptions there are only two options: Now / Custom date as vendor doesn't support explicit scheduling for On Renewal. 



If a user has active scheduled change either On Renewal or Custom date it will be visible in Subscription grid under column 'Scheduled Changes'.

Picture 10.png

Scheduled orders are visible in the Scheduled changes tab. Scheduled changes are sorted by date of execution.

In Scheduled Changes grid, user can see such values:

  • View details - upon clicking opens additional details about scheduled change. 
  • Order ID – value is created by AppXite platform, in case order is synced from vendor this field will display 'Vendor System'.
  • Scheduled Date - date for which scheduled change is planned.
  • Created By – person who has created order. For changes synced from Vendor this field will display 'Vendor System'.
  • Vendor Sync Status – For On Renewal scheduled changes will show synced date to or from Vendor. For example, on renewal scheduled changes are synced with Microsoft instantly, it would show date of sync date to vendor. For Custom Date type of scheduled change this field will show - date of scheduled change.
  • Scheduled Type - distinguishes between On Renewal and Custom Date changes.



Scheduled changes are displayed next to each other for easy identification of planned differences.




For scheduled changes following notifications will be sent if enabled on platform. The notifications will highlight that the changes will affect the subscription only On Renewal or on Custom Date.

Scenario 1:

On 01.06.2023. User schedules Custom Date quantity increase by 5 for subscription O365 E5 on date 1.12.2023.

Based on scheduled change it would trigger:

  • On 01.06.2023 - OrderScheduled notification.
  • On 1.12.2023. - OnPurchaseNotification and SubscriptionChangeSuccess or SubscriptionChangeError notification.

Scenario 2:

On 01.06.2023. user schedules On Renewal quantity increase by 5 for subscription O365 E5 for 1.11.2023.

Based on scheduled change it would trigger:

  • On 01.06.2023 - OrderScheduled notification.
  • On 01.06.2023 - OrderScheduledChangeSuccess notification.

Notification overview: Subscriptions-Order-Scheduled-Notification 


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