Subscription Start Date Configuration

In the platform it is possible to specify logic how to set subscription billing cycle. This configuration can be done on Vendor / Offer Type / Offer levels.

As supported options are:

  • Subscription Start Date – will use subscription purchase date with exception for the last three days of the month (29, 30, 31). In case an offer with such configuration is purchased on 29th, platform will use as subscription start date 1st day of the month.
    In this case important to note that if subscription is purchased on the last three days of the month and Invoice cycle is 1st then a subscription purchased on 29th of September would not be part of 1st of October invoice but will be part of 1st of November invoice as subscription start date will be 1st of October.
  • Inherit from Invoice – subscriptions are grouped under invoices based on invoice billing cycle, for example invoice with billing cycle 1st of September will include all subscriptions from previous month. With such an offer configuration subscription will use invoice billing cycle and, in this case, it would be that every subscription will have as subscription start date 1st of the month.
  • Subscription Coterm Date – will use the same date as already existing subscription with vendor has.
  • Subscription Start Date Exact – will use exact subscription start date even if it is last three days of month (29, 30, 31).

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