How to: Configure mark-up for Azure Marketplace offers?

Through Microsoft CSP sales motion it is possible to purchase different offers provided by other vendors than Microsoft. In Microsoft Azure marketplace there are over 18 000 offers available.

These offers can have different cost and cancelations policies and thus are not enabled in product catalogue on AppXite platform.

For users to be able to configure generic mark-up for Azure marketplace offers, AppXite platform supports ability to specify mark-up on “Azure Marketplace Offer”. This Azure Marketplace Offer is linked with all marketplace offers and thus when such an offer is purchased it will automatically get mark-up configuration assigned.

Azure marketplace offers have same InPrice and Retail Price and thus require careful consideration when configuring mark-up. Thus, in a situation where distributor has configured in Seller Segments to use InPrice +5% as a selling price, whilst seller has configured in Customer Prices to use Retail price as a selling price then seller will be selling at a 5% loss. To avoid such scenarios in AppXite platform by default Azure Marketplace Offers are configured to be sold at InPrice by distributor and seller. Thus, in a similar case to the above the seller would invoice the customer already with 5% added on top and can opt to adjust price even more based on their preference.

Important to note:

  • Offer ID: "B3929EDC-85FC-432C-A23F-A5971E96DEAF".
  • For all newly created sellers there will be default price configuration for "Azure Marketplace Offer" to sell based on In Price.

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