Reporting API - Currencies within the Invoices

Appxite platform has the possibility to generate the invoices based on:

  • reseller portal's currency which can be different than the currency between distributor and the vendor
  • end customer currency (preferred currency) which can be different than currency of the distributor's or reseller's portals. For details please see: How do I change my preferred currency?

Partners are using the following endpoints to pull out the invoice information and the sample response from either of the endpoints is shown below:


1. Quantity = number of the licenses
2. Unit price = price of one license
3. Total price = quantity x unit Price
4. Currency = currency of unit price and total price mentioned above.

These fields show the currency between provider (eg. vendor or distributor or reseller) and consumer of that invoice data (distributor or reseller or customer) and have been in use for some times.

Since December 2023 additional fields have been introduced to these endpoints.

5. Preferred Currency Id = Internal Appxite Id of the preferred currency for the end customer
6. Preferred Unit price = price of one license in preferred currency = price of one license x exchange rate
7. Preferred Total price = quantity x preferred unit price

All prices and preferred prices fields are applicable to general and detailed invoice line items. If preferred currency has not been specified preferred fields are null as shown below:


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