Reporting API - Viewing Vendor Invoice Row JSONs via API

While it is Appxite platform functionality to generate the invoices based on the data received from the vendors and provide these via UI and API, we also expose the invoice JSONs we received for such vendors so that the invoice data is transparent to our partners.

The following two endpoints are made available publicly for any partners who use the Reporting APIs:

  • GET /api/v1/reporting/invoices/vendor-raw/{requesterId}/summary
  • GET  /api/v1/reporting/invoices/vendor-raw/{requesterId}?vendorInvoiceNumber={vendorInvoiceNumber}

GET /api/v1/reporting/invoices/vendor-raw/{requesterId}/summary

  • requesterID = consumerId of the invoice (eg. distributor)

Based on consumerId of the invoice it returns all invoices received from vendor API in the last 12 months but no older that 2024-01-01. Sample response shown below:


In case no invoices were found which matches the criteria you would receive as follows:

response code: 400
response message:  No invoices found! There aren't any invoices which would be in allowed range. With InvoiceDateUtc starting '2024-01-01' and in last 12 month period!

Once you identified the vendorInvoiceNumber, you can proceed to the next endpoint to get more details.

GET /api/v1/reporting/invoices/vendor-raw/{requesterId}?vendorInvoiceNumber={vendorInvoiceNumber}

  • requesterID = consumerId of the invoice (eg. distributor)
  • vendorInvoiceNumber = vendorInvoiceNumber from API call mentioned above

Based on consumerId it returns all InvoiceDataRaw lines which are linked with invoices which match vendorInvoiceNumber. Sample responses shown below:

In either case, the responses are as follows:

  • vendorInvoiceNumber not found:
    response code: 400
    response message:  Vendor invoice not found!
  • vendorInvoiceNumber isn't in allowed in filter range:
response code: 400
response message:  Request not Allowed! Vendor invoice InvoiceDateUtc is more than 12 months in past from Now!
  • vendorInvoiceNumber not belongs for requesterId:
response code: 400
response  message: empty

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