Disable Inviting New Users for Roles lower than Seller Admin

Some resellers might want to disable the ability to invite new users on seller portals, either because of integrations where users are created automatically or because they want only admins to be able to invite new users.  
In that case, contact Appxite Support and we enable or disable functionality of inviting new users by roles lower than seller admin.

Following that the following user roles will be able to invite new users:
  • Seller admin
  • Distributor admin
And for the following user roles, the button 'Invite New' will not be available at all!
  • Customer
  • Customer admin
  • Customer billing admin
  • Seller billing admin
  • Subscriptions Manager
  • Product Manager
  • Support Agent
  • Reseller Report
  • Account Manager

For further guidance on different roles within AppXite platform and the invite process, refer to the following articles:
User permissions and roles for Distributors, Sellers, and Customers.
How can I invite user of Microsoft partner?
How to invite users of non-Microsoft partners?

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