How to customize portal URL for unauthenticated users?


This article describes how to customize your portal to manage access for non-authorized users.

Sometimes you don't want to show catalog to non authorized users, because users cannot buy anything without authentication and get confused what to do next.

Or you would like to hide prices for non authorized users to make them register first and be a one step closer to the purchase.

There is a way to do that by customizing your portal URL.

Go to Settings -> Theme & UI -> Features and under 'Domain Features' section you see the option "Enable custom startup page for non authenticated users".


Check the box, specify a URL in the field underneath and click Save:




Few tips to mention:

  1. URL can be specified both as a relative and absolute path
    Relative - /Login
    Absolute -

  2. Setting can be modified by users with Distributor and Seller admin roles.
  3. If a login page is specified in the field, user is redirected to the last page after they log in.

Once the setting is enabled and a link specified, non authorized users will get redirected to that link.

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