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This article explores how AppXite Customers use a single multi-tier platform to manage invoices for multiple entities, syncing them to ERP solutions and splitting them based on predetermined logic.

In AppXite platform there is one single multi-tier partner platform created and invoices are synced to ERP solutions and split based on pre-determined logic from which entity each organization should be invoiced.

Partners have ability to define different business locations and link customers to respective business locations via “Business Locations” on Settings page within Appxite platform.

For details refer to the steps below:

1. On AppXite platform navigate to 'Settings' -> 'Business Locations' module and select top hyperlink '+ Location'

2. On next window populate all required fields and alternatively optional ones as per the description below and select Save:  


  • Business Location name
  • Country
  • City
  • State
  • Postal Code
  • Address Line 1


  • Address Line 2
  • External Location ID - used to link organization with external invoicing solution or ERP solution
  • Mark 'Primary Business Location'


Repeat step#2 for any additional business locations you need to create. As a result, you would see a window as shown below: 


3. From here, you can assign the organization to the particular business location. It is important to note that every organization can have assigned max one business location at one time. The assignment can be done in either way:

  • via Business Locations section:
    'Edit' ->'+ Add Organization' ->'Select Organization' -> 'Add Organization' 

  • via Organization section:
    'View Organizations' ->'+ Add Business Location' ->'Business Location' 


In order to remove the Business Location select the Trash icon:

Some key points:

  • Business Locations can only be accessed and edited by Distributor or Seller admins.
  • User can remove primary business location as the last business location which is removed. If user tries to remove primary business location while there exist other business locations, there is a prompt stating "Primary Business Location can only be removed as the last business location".
  • If Business Location is removed, then organizations which belonged to a Business Locations gets assigned to Primary Business Location.
  • Deletion of Business Location or Organizations from within Business Location occurs on the next day and not immediately.
  • Business Location column is available in Full Reconciliation File in Invoice section and contains Business Location of Invoice Provider:

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