Advanced Organizations View

Advanced organizations section which gives full overview and instant access to the entire sales channel on one page, including also creating new partners & customers.

Accessing Advanced Organizations View

Advanced organizations view can be found by:

  1. Opening Organizations section in the platform by pressings 'Select Organizations'.
  2. Pressing 'Advanced organizations view' switch.

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Available organization information

List of all organizations across all platforms that the user can access will appear, and it can include vendor, distributor, seller and customer organizations:


More details on the available columns:

  • Organizations status (filterable) - Status of the organization, it can be: Active, New, Blocked.
  • Organization name - Name of the organization, if clicked, the organizations details will open in a new page.
  • Organization type (filterable) - Options include: Vendor, Distributor, Seller, Customer.
  • External ID - ERP id of the organization.
  • Subscriptions - For customer organizations, number of subscriptions  that the organization has.
  • Country (filterable) - Country of the organization.
  • Industries (filterable) - Industries that the organization can purchase/sell, for example, Private Business, Education, Government, Nonprofit.
  • Tenant Name - Name of the Tenant will be displayed. 
  • Tenant ID- Name of the Tenant ID will be displayed. 

3. Create Customer - Will redirect you to the new page where you can create Customer organization manually. In more detail read this article

4. Choose columns - Allows selecting which columns to display.


Search, organization creation and other actions

There are multiple interactions that can be done with the data, and organization creation is more convenient.

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Search by Name, ID, or of the organizations.

Search by Tenant name or ID (for example, Microsoft tenant name or Adobe Id).

Create a new partner (seller organization), available if viewing the organizations section as a distributor.


The advanced view gives basic information for organization that the user has access to, allowing easier to find the required organizations, while also providing increased flexibility in creating and acting on behalf of organizations.

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