Advanced Subscription grid

Advanced Subscription Grid gives a full overview and instant access to the entire Subscription Section, including a review of all other upcoming anniversaries by going one step back to all subscriptions.


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Accessing Advanced Subscription Grid View

The Advanced Subscription Grid offers a comprehensive solution, providing users with instant access to vital subscription information. Advanced organization grid view can be found by:

1. Log in on behalf of the Organization via "Select Organizations".
2. Access the Subscription section on the platform by pressing, and turning on the "Advanced Subscription grid".


Available Subscription information

The Advanced Subscription Grid allows:

  • to see, if the cancelation policy is active
  • the ability to see commitment terms
  • to export subscription data
  • to reset sorting to default
  • to select columns.


More details on the available columns:

  • Status - Filter the status of Subscriptions.
  • Subscription - List of purchased Subscriptions.
  • Vendor - Filter the list of vendors.
  • Expires on - The expiration date
  • Quantity - The amount of purchased Subscriptions.
  • Addons - The amount of purchased Addons.
  • Commitment term - Shows Commitment term
  • Billing cycle - Shows Billing cycle (Mixed, every 12 months).
  • Regular price - Shows the price for the next full billing period.
  • Scheduled Changes - Shows changes that are to apply on renewal.
  • Cancellation Policy - Shows the Cancelation Policy of the Subscription.
    If users click on it - they will be redirected to the subscription details page.
  • Renew - Filters auto-renewal with values "On" or ''Off'' based on the current configuration for subscription.

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