How to Log in with Partner Branded Account ID?

Partner Branded Account ID → The Partner Branded login option allows users to log in or sign up to their Platform using their Partner Branded Account. This integration leverages Auth0 to authenticate users and manage their profiles seamlessly.
To set up the Partner Branded account, we request the customer's Authorization URL, Token URL, Scope parameters, Client ID, Client Secret, and a Fetch User Profile Script.

To log into your platform:

  • Connect to AppXite Auth0 (Happens on background).
  • Select Customized Account option (your company).


2024-06-19 10_27_41-Sign In with Auth0.png

  • Enter your email: into the "Email" field, and Password.
  • Log in to the platform is successful, User Profile is fetched to AppXite Auth0 and also user profile is created/linked to the Platform User.



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