How can I see outgoing invoices in customer view?

This article will describe how Sellers can interpret Invoices from the Customer's view. Once you are logged in on behalf of the customer organization, you will have the following view: 


In Incoming invoice details in Customer view, you will see, 

  1. Invoice status:
    • Verified - Invoices are visible once status Verified is set. That is done after the verification process is completed by AppXite.
    • Issued - Seller can put status "Issued" when invoices are physically sent out to Customer. However, this status is optional for Seller.
      For more details about statuses, please check the article "Invoice statuses".
  2. Tax Invoice - can hold a PDF with taxes synced, if invoice requires taxes
  3. Invoice ID - by clicking on the invoice ID, the selected invoice can be checked in detail. See the article "How can I see details of my Incoming invoice?". Note, that it will reflect only that particular Customer. 
  4. Invoice number - invoice number assigned by the Seller organization (generated by Platform)
  5. Invoice provider - Seller (your) organization, from which the subscriptions/ services are purchased
  6. Contract type - a contract between Seller and Customer. It can be of different types, that depends on vendor, For example, 'Azure Plan & OneTime' for Microsoft vendor and 'Distribution Services' for Adobe vendor.
  7. Invoice date - date, when the invoice was generated in the Platform
  8. Invoice amount - reflects the Customer price (Vendor/Partner price + your markup)
  9. Currency - represents currency which customer is billed in
  10. Due date - date, by which the invoice should be paid
  11. Invoice Reference # - reference for incoming invoice, related to invoice chain

NOTE! Incoming invoices in Customer view reflect the same information that Outgoing invoices in Seller view. For more details please refer to "Incoming invoices in Customer view vs. Outgoing invoices in Seller view".

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