What will I see in Incoming invoices if I am Indirect Seller?

Log in to your Seller platform and select the Invoices tab. On this page please select "Incoming" as per the screenshot below:


Your customers will not see this section at all. These invoices are summarized billing data for you as a Seller.

The incoming invoice page will cover the following items:30a.png

  1. Invoice status:
    • Verified - Invoices are visible once status Verified is set. That is done after the verification process is completed by AppXite;
    • Processed - when invoices are physically sent out by AppXite, status is changed to "Processed".
  2. Invoice ID - by clicking on the invoice ID, the selected invoice can be checked in detail.
  3. Invoice number - invoice number assigned by the Vendor or Service Provider.
  4. Invoice provider - Service Provider from which the subscriptions/ services are purchased.
  5. Contract type:
    • Cloud Service Provider - Office 365 License usage and Azure consumption.
    • CSP Support - AppXite provided CSP support for O365 products to Seller and its customers.
    • Distribution Services - invoices from other vendors than Microsoft.
  6. Invoice date - date, when the invoice was generated in the Platform. It is not the date when invoices are sent via e-mail to the Seller.
  7. Invoice amount - will reflect the Vendor/Partner price.
  8. Due date - date, by which the invoice should be paid.

Example for Microsoft Indirect Seller:



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