Microsoft Customer Agreement (MCuA)

This article will describe, how to accept Microsoft Customer Agreement (MCuA) through the platform. Microsoft Customer Agreement in CSP program will replace Microsoft Cloud Agreement starting from January 31st, 2020. Read more here.


Q: What is the new process for confirming customer acceptance of the Microsoft Customer Agreement?

We have enabled function for sellers and their customers to accept new terms of MCuA.

When purchasing new MS subscription or renewing existing, or adding additional licenses for existing subscriptions seller and/or customer will have to accept terms, there will be pop-up window in the portal where one will enter their contact details – email, name, surname, phone number (optional) and click on "I Agree":


NOTE! We do not provide these terms on the platform. The platform acts only as a place of acceptance, therefore, terms should be read before they are accepted in our platform. To find region-specific Microsoft Customer Agreement customer templates in all supported languages, see Microsoft Customer Agreements by region and language.

The first step is to log in to the platform and starts purchasing and/or renewal. Before BUY, a pop-up will appear where one will need to accept the terms. If terms have not been accepted in the platform, sellers and/or customers will not be able to purchase, renew and add licenses.


Things to keep in mind:

  1. MCuA should be accepted in the portal by end-customer;
  2. MCuA can be accepted on behalf of the customer only when a customer has given his acceptance to do so;
  3. If the agreement was accepted before April 1st, 2023, then you will be asked to sign a new one.
End customer user data should be submitted when MCuA is being signed.

To see more information about the MCuA, click here.

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