Where can I find invoices?

The platform calculates billing data based on the set billing cycle of Seller that can be used for invoicing and reconciliation. It is not possible to print or send invoices to customers directly from the Platform. However, AppXite offers white label invoicing service and can issue invoices on behalf of Seller. The outgoing invoices section contains monthly billing information by client, product, subscription, as well as other data, specifically marked by the user. For more detailed information, please refer to the section "What will I see in Outgoing invoices in Seller's view?" and "How can I see details of my Outgoing Invoice?".

 Invoice type   Generated/ created by   Prepared for   Timeline 
 Incoming invoices   Microsoft/ Microsoft   Seller   0-2 calendar days from invoice created by Microsoft 
 Incoming invoices   Vendor/ Platform   Seller   2-10 calendar days from the day invoice is received from Vendor 
 Outgoing invoices   Platform/ Platform   Customer   2-10 calendar days from the day invoice is received from Vendor 

If you are Seller, then logging with your credentials invoices are accessible from Seller view and Customer view. To choose Customer view, or to switch back to Seller's view, please do the following:


In Seller view Incoming invoices (invoices from Vendor/Provider → to Seller) and Outgoing invoices (invoices from Seller → to Customer) options are available.


In the Customer view only Incoming invoices (invoices from Seller → to Customer) are available.

Seller may grant access for its Customers to Incoming invoices. In this case, Customer will see the Incoming invoices section only:


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