How does Integrations work?

The Settings section is accessible only in "Seller view". Log in to your platform. Go to "Settings" and choose the sub-section Integrations. It allows you to establish the connection between your platform and 3rd party Service provider's code. Currently, we support five different Service providers: 

  1. Auth0 - 3rd party authentication service which AppXite utilizes for user identity management.
  2. Chat widget - a chat box that will be visible in the corner of your website for users to get instant and fast support.
  3. Hotjar - a powerful user analytics tool that reveals the online behavior of your users.
  4. Inline Manual - a tool to create guidelines, walkthroughs, and support articles to improve the user experience of your customers and employees.
  5. Google Tag Manager - tag management system (TMS) that allows you quickly and easily update measurement codes and related code fragments (tags) on your website or mobile app.


1. Auth0

Add your Auth0 client ID and authorize your users to access the platform. Read more in Auth0 Connections and Client Credentials Flow.


2. Chat widget 

1. By enabling the chat widget, a dropdown will show two available options to choose from: 

a. Zendesk

b. Puzzle Chat


By choosing Zendesk, you will have to add your Zendesk API key to integrate Zendesk Support. Read more in Zendesk Developers Apps Documentation.


If you select Puzzle Chat, you will have to fill in the input fields to connect with the provider's app.


Please note that upon selecting either of the two available chat providers, it is mandatory to fill in all the fields with valid information to use the chat function. 


3. Hotjar

Add your Hotjar ID to have a web and mobile device behavior analytics tool on your platform. For more details, read the article on How to Install your Hotjar Tracking Code.


4. Inline Manual

Add your Inline Manual API key and guide your users to success with flexible tours, tips, and tutorials. For more details, read the article How to: Install the Inline Manual Player.


5. Google Tag Manager

Add your Google Tag Manager container ID and update your tags on your platform. You can read more on this in Setup and install Tag Manager.


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