How does Integrations work?

The Settings section is accessible only in "Seller view". Log in to your platform. Go to "Settings" and choose the sub-section Integrations. It allows you to establish the connection between your platform and 3rd party Service provider's code. Currently, we support 7 different Service providers: 

  1. Auth0 - 3rd party authentication service which AppXite utilizes for user identity management.
  2. Chat widget - a chat box that will be visible in the corner of your website for users to get instant and fast support.
  3. Hotjar - a powerful user analytics tool that reveals the online behavior of your users.
  4. Inline Manual - a tool to create guidelines, walkthroughs, and support articles to improve the user experience of your customers and employees.
  5. Userlane - is a no-code Digital Adoption Platform used to measure how users use applications, identify areas for improvement and offer real-time guidance directly within any application. You could create a role-based content when assigning 'Tags' as roles. It's has similar goal as Inline Manual, but slightly different features.
  6. Google Tag Manager - tag management system (TMS) that allows you quickly and easily update measurement codes and related code fragments (tags) on your website or mobile app.
  7. GDAP - Granular Delegated Admin Privilege (GDAP) Solutions.

    Click on each of the link above to learn more.

    Please reach out to Appxite Support should you have any questions how any of these integration services can be used with Appxite platform.

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