Terms and Conditions (T&C)

Settings section is accessible only in "Seller view". Go to "Settings" and choose the sub-section T&C. Under the Terms & Conditions (T&C) subsection you can:

1. Select and upload the file with your T&C.

NOTE! Only PDF file versions are accepted

2. Download and review your existing document.

3. Tick the checkbox, if you Require users to accept these terms.


Setting restrictions

Enable the checkbox (3), to set conditions upon which the customers will have to accept the seller's Terms & Conditions: 

  1. "Don't require customers to accept" - customers won't be asked to accept the T&C upon any purchase;
  2. "Require customers to accept once" - pop-up window will appear for T&C acceptance after Customer and Customer admin logs in to the platform for the first time;
  3. "Require customers to accept all new versions" - pop-up window will appear for T&C acceptance each time after Customer and Customer admin logs in to the platform, and new T&C file has been uploaded since the previous T&C acceptance.

T&C can be downloaded:



After the Customer agrees to your T&C, work can be continued according to the assigned user rights.  

Add new T&C.

To add new T&C, Upload new by doing the steps above, it will override the previous T&C. 

Hide T&C.

If you wish to hide T&C, take out the checkbox mark for  "Require new users to accept" then users will not see T&C. To make visible again, select again "Require new users to accept"

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