Billing cycle overview

Each Subscription has its own Billing cycle: 

  1. For license-based subscription it is calculated from the subscription’s start date: if the subscription is purchased on the 12th of November, then the subscription’s billing cycle is 12. License-based subscription can have monthly or annual billing frequency.
  2. Consumption-based subscriptions are aligned with the billing cycle of reselling contract under which this subscription is purchased. A usage-based subscription always has a monthly frequency.
  3. One-time subscription has a one-time payment and does not have billing frequency at all.

    Please note that we we can display the following Billing Cycles ,according to Offer configuration, on the UI:

    a. Monthly --> displayed on UI with the Period detailed in months, f.ex:

    Every 1 months
    Every 3 months
    Every 12 months and etc.

    b. One Time
    c. Free/Trial/None

Add-on subscription always gets its billing cycle from parent subscription, regardless of its start date. 

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