User role of a Product Manager within the Product Management/SKU Builder


This article provides a detailed explanation of the access and editing privileges that users with the Product Manager role have within Product Management. It is crucial to emphasize that the only role that can be assigned for Product Management is the Product Manager. In Product Management, the Product Manager plays a vital role in overseeing and managing the development and lifecycle of a product. As a Product Manager, users have access to various tools and features that enable them to effectively perform their role.


Furthermore, Product Managers have the authority to manage user permissions within the Product Management platform, controlling who can view, edit, or delete product-related information. This control ensures that sensitive data is protected and that only authorized individuals have access to critical product details. Overall, the Product Manager role is crucial in driving product success and requires a combination of strategic thinking, communication skills, technical knowledge, and a deep understanding of customer needs. By leveraging their access and editing capabilities within Product Management, Product Managers can effectively lead product development efforts and deliver valuable solutions to customers.


Please refer to the table below which illustrates permissions based on a user's role: V - View, E - Edit.

Section Product Offer Price Bundle Offer Status Form CPQ
Create product Edit product Create Marketing materials Create offer Edit offer Create price Create bundle Edit bundle New Published Unpublished Edit form CPQ
Product Manager V/E V/E V/E V/E V/E V/E V/E V/E V/E V/E V/E V/E V/E



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