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Once an offer is created, now you can add price to that offer. See in Offer section, next to newly created offer Edit, View Prices, and New price options. To create new price, select New Price or View Price

now.pngView Prices will display a new window:


  1. New Price – create new price;
  2. Filter – by typing price name;
  3. Currency – you will see in what currency price is created; 
  4. Unit – you will see unit price is created – license, account, etc;
  5. Effective Dates – the date when the price is in effect from;
  6. Edited – last edit date;
  7. Created – the date when created;
  8. View – you will see price period;
  9. Override – you can edit in price or ERP;

A new window will open, where information about pricing needs to be filled in:

Note: Mandatory fields are marked with * symbol next to the field name.


  1. Effective from – Always is the next day or further date for the very first price of the offer. If ‘Effective From‘ is within the period of a month (30 days starting from date selected) then this price is considered as active and it cannot be changed in that period – only adding new price is possible for that offer;
  2. Unit – the unit offer is sold in; you may choose from multiple choices such as Account, Action, Database, Device, License, Mailbox, Seat, Server, Student, Teacher, Tenant, User, Workshop.
  3. Currency – currency is defined by the Vendor local country, respectively contract is set that Vendor can display price only in local currency;
  4. Included Quantity - is quantity, which is for free, a price that is 0.00. Price tier is defined by full quantity and then included quantity is calculated as free.
  5. Add New – Add New rate for the price tiering;
  6. Min Value – Minimum Amount for this price. It always starts with 0 for the first tier  and equals to Max Value from the previous tier, however, if you specified in the offer creation minimum and or maximum quantity is should be the same here;
  7. Max Value – Maximum Amount (including) for this price;
  8. In Price – Vendor price without any markups to the Sellers;
  9. Estimated Retail Price – (or Suggested Seller Price - SRP) standard price for Sellers to sell to end-customers, usually it is In-price + added mark-up;
  10. Save – Save newly made price or changes you made;

Note! There is no possibility to delete or Edit price, if needed to adjust or update price, change Effective Till to, for example, today date. And set New Price with Effective from, tomorrow's date. 

When trying to edit the price with "Effective from” today + 30 days, the following error message will appear: 


To edit the price for the existing offer, “Create New Price” select Effective date from and add a new price, that will override the previous configuration.   

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