How can I modify product details in Product Management/SKU Builder?


This article gives detailed instructions on how users with the Product Manager role can modify product information using the Product Management/SKU Builder Edit Products, Prices, Bundles feature. Product Managers can edit various aspects like forms, descriptions, and other relevant details within each section.

They can click on the "Edit" option next to a specific product, offer, price, or bundle to make changes. This feature empowers Product Managers to ensure that product information is accurate and current. They can customize product details based on evolving requirements or market trends by entering the editing interface through the "Edit" option.

In the Edit Products section, they can update product specifications, images, and other data to keep product listings up-to-date. 


By selecting "Edit" in either of the sections, there are fields that can be edited and fields that cannot. It will be shown as below:

  •  Fields that are marked in Grey color, cannot be edited;
  •  Fields that are marked in Black color can be edited;
  •  Once the edit is finished, select Save;


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