How to Create new Seller?

The distributor is able to authorize Sellers to access and use the Platform. The distributor owns all of the relationships with its Sellers. Seller is permitted to use the Platform only based on the agreement between Distributor and Seller which governs the use of the Platform. Sellers are created by submitting the form via the Distributor Platform (“Create New”). 
As the Seller Platform is created, Seller receives the invitation link for registration and access to its Seller Platform.    

When logged into the Back-end management functionality, on the first page you have the following view and, in this article, we will review how to Create new sellers: 


There are several fields that must be filled in before the Seller platform is created. 


For each vendor, there is a checkbox, followed by the vendor short name. If selected, Input field(s) appear to the right where available




a. b. Full Name (Registered Company Name) c. d. e. f. ​g.

jPrimary Address - Add the Primary Address of a seller. 
j.1 If the Billing Address is different than the Primary Address, the check-box must be ticked and respective fields must be filled in:
k. Primary contact -  Add the Primary Contact information field. By default, Billing Contact will be the same. The primary contact will receive the first user invitation to its (Seller's) platform.
l. If Billing Contact is different than the Primary Contact, check-box must be ticked and respective fields must be filled in. Additional check-boxes should be ticked and fields should be filled if there is the additional contact information for "Service Desk", "Account Manager" and "Authorized contact".
m. n. Sender Name - from whom the Seller notifications are sent out.

t.1. Parent domain - by default  Parent domain

u. Additional Vendors checkbox - These are the additional choices that can be enabled for Seller, besides the default Vendors.


MPNID -  known Microsoft Partner Network ID of the seller. Can be left blank.

(e.g. 1234567 OR leave blank to create a seller that will purchase MS through your MS contract)

Note: If wrong MPNID is entered - it cannot be changed, the reseller will require re-onboarding.


CEID (IBM Reseller ID) - IBM Registration ID number of the seller. 


DRAN (Cisco Reseller ID) -ID of the seller. 



Google Correlation ID - ID of the seller

Each additional Vendor, such as Google, AvePoint and also Custom Vendors, must have a pre-established Contract with Distributor that is responsible for Seller portal creation. Otherwise the Additional Vendor Checkbox will not be visible during creation of Seller.

You can choose to onboard your partner without Microsoft contract if they don't have one. If you later decide to sell Microsoft to your partner under your own direct contract, you can still open partner's profile and enable Microsoft contract checkbox. At least one contract should be checked.


Select contract currency - Contract currency determines which currency you will invoice your partner in.

Same currency in which you buy from your respective supplier - default option to avoid any currency conversion.

Partner's primary currency - option to send an invoice to your partner using single currency.

However, the platform may have to convert the prices you pay to your supplier into the currency of your partner. To manage FX rates and risks, we recommend you configure all relevant currency combinations in your Currency Settings, otherwise default FX rates will apply.

Keep in mind that after saving changes, these actions are irreversible.


Select Create to proceed.

In case some fields are not filled in, the system will show that "Form has errors":


When the platform is ready and "Approved" by Distributor Admin, the Primary contact will receive an invite, where he has to create his password to log into the platform with the "Account" option. 


Note! The seller platform takes 30 minutes to be created fully. When a seller platform is created, the warning message will appear: 



A message is displayed after selecting the "Create" button on Create seller form:

"A platform for this seller will now be created. Please wait for 30 minutes before changing this seller's segment or using their platform."

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