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The following reports can be found on the Distributor platform by following this link https://front-distiportal-prod.azurewebsites.net/.

After logging into the Distributor platform choose the reseller you are looking for as shown below in the screenshot:


After the reseller has been chosen, click the Reports link as shown in the screenshot below:




1. Apply filters -Offer name/Product family/Vendor/Offer status/Offer catalog status/License agreement type/Usage country - to select the offer you want to view.

2. SKUs Price List - the view will allow you to see prices and other details for the vendor offers.

3. Select Focus mode - to see the list of offers in a wider view.


 The following information about vendor offers can be seen/viewed:



  1. Offer Display Name
  2. License Agreement Type
  3. AX Offer ID
  4. Vendor Offer ID
  5. AX Offer Status
  6. AX Offer IDs in Bundle
  7. Product Family
  8. Material
  9. Vendor
  10. ListPrice
  11. ERPrice
  12. Min Seat Count
  13. Max Seat Count
  14. Secondary License Type
  15. End Customer Type
  16. Created On
  17. Updated On
  18. Usage Country 

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