Customer Prices: Change existing markup on the portal?

Once the Markup of any type (Generic, Vendor, Offer, or Customer specific) is created on the portal, it cannot be deleted from the Customer prices page.

The exception to this would only be the markups configured in the future periods (with the start date set in the future) - those can be removed by simply selecting the target period, clicking Remove (1) and Save (2):


The existing - current price configurations can not be removed. However, they can be modified at any time. This option is only available for users with Seller Admin (or higher) role on the portal.


In order to change the existing price configuration, go to Catalog → Customer Prices (1), and click on the markup configuration record from the list (2):

On the Price Edit page, 




 → change Price Markup to 5% → "Save".



 NOTE! Offer names (1) cannot be changed.


2. When markup is updated, you can see that now Seller price is increased. The vendor price (2) will not change. 

In the picture below, you can see listed:
a. price changes for all offers of a selected Vendor.
b. Generic price changes
c. price changes of all separate Offers.
In more details read Customer Prices (Price Management).


 In more detail read the article How to adjust Markup for Offer groups?

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