Microsoft 365 Business offer Promotion

This article will describe Microsoft 365 Business offer Promotion, basics, and Terms & Conditions.

Note! Microsoft 365 Business promotion is valid only until 30.06.2020

If you plan to offer promotional pricing to government and state-owned entities, you’ll need to first ensure that the price you offer to these customers doesn’t exceed the maximum resale price. The maximum resale price is the applicable ERP minus the promotional discount.

Learn more on how to add a Special price tag, and how to change markup/discount.                        

Offer basics:

What is the Microsoft 365 Business Offer?
The Microsoft 365 Business offer is a 1-year discount of 20% for Microsoft 365 Business with an annual commitment, for up to 300 licenses. New and existing customers are eligible for this offer.

This offer is available through the Cloud Solution Provider program only.

This offer is available in Germany, France, Austria, Italy, Spain, Ireland, Norway, Sweden, Finland, Denmark, Netherlands, Belgium, Switzerland & Portugal.

What is the purpose of the offer?
Given the prevalence of cybersecurity concerns for SMB customers, it’s critical that SMB customers have the right tools to protect themselves. With Microsoft 365 Business, customers can get access to tools to help fight against threats, protect data and secure devices today.

What partner incentives are available to complement this to-customer offer?
If eligible*, partners can continue to qualify for standard CSP incentives through transacting this offer, including base rebates, global accelerators, and local accelerators.

Note! You must be eligible to receive CSP incentives. Learn more about CSP incentives:

What materials and training are available for me to leverage?
Updated sales and technical training materials are available on These materials will outline how to approach the security opportunity in SMB, how to deal with common objections and how to overcome technical blockers.

Offer details:    
What are the offer terms and conditions?

By transacting this discounted offer, partners agree to abide by the below offer terms.

Terms and Conditions:

  • The offer: 20% off one year of Microsoft 365 Business subscription for up to 300 licenses when purchased through a Microsoft Authorized Cloud Solution Provider. The discount requires a 12-month commitment but can be billed monthly or annually.
  • Offer valid between December 1, 2019, and June 30th, 2020.
  • Eligible customers: Both new and existing customers are eligible.
  • At the conclusion of the 12-month promotional term, the customer will be billed at then-current market prices every year. The subscription will continue until the customer cancels with their Microsoft Seller.
  • May not be combined with other offers for the same product.
  • Microsoft 365 Business is subject to the Microsoft Cloud Agreement.
  • Partner-specific conditions.
  • Transacting partner is a Microsoft Authorized Cloud Solution Provider. 

Microsoft is pleased to offer you this promotional price on Microsoft Products and Services, which represents a discount on your standard price (“Promotional Discount”). Please note that this Promotional Discount is intended to benefit end customers. For Government and State-Owned Entities, you must ensure that the customer price for Microsoft Products and Services does not exceed the Maximum Resell Price, including if you are selling as a distributor. “Maximum  Resell Price” means the applicable ERP less the Promotional Discount.

What happens at renewal?
The billing for these subscriptions will continue beyond the promotional 12-month term unless the customer cancels the subscription through their seller. At the conclusion of the offer term, the customer will be billed the current market price every year. Microsoft will make this pricing adjustment automatically. There is no action for partners.

What does annual commitment mean?
Annual commitment means that by purchasing this SKU, the customer commits to a twelve-month term. This includes monthly and annual billing options and is standard for all CSP offers.

Customer examples:
The customer currently owns 50 Office 365 Business Premium seats and wants to move to Microsoft 365 Business in the promotional period. The customer would be eligible for the 20% discount on Microsoft 365 Business for all 50 seats in their subscription.

The customer adds 10 seats at the start of the promotion, however, want to add additional seats in the promotion time period. This is allowed if the seats are purchased in the promotional period. These additional seats will be eligible for the 20% discount and subject to the terms of the offer.

The customer then wants to add seats out of the promotion period to a tenant created in the promotion period. The seats purchased in the promotion period will be eligible for the 20% discount. The seats purchased outside of the promotional period are not eligible for this discount and will be priced at the current market rate.

The customer wants to renew the subscription after 12 months.

The subscription will continue until customer cancels with their Microsoft Seller. However, at the end of the 12-month promotional period, the discount will no longer apply, and the customer will be moved to the current market price automatically by Microsoft. There will be no action for the partner or the customer.

Offer ID
Microsoft 365 Business: Secure Productive Business Buy CSP_61795cab-2abd-43f6-88e9-c9adae5746e0 

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