How to do Payments by Credit Card?

Log-in to your Seller platform and select the "Settings" tab. On this page, you will see Payments. Payments are accessible from both - Seller view and Customer view: 


As a seller you can give the ability to the customer, to make payments by card. This section under Settings  (go to Settings  Payments) is visible only to Seller admin:

Select the Info icon (1), the selected section can be checked in detail.


Stripe is a leading payment provider globally.

In order to create a stripe account, the seller has to click on the link (2), create a Stripe account. If the seller already has a Stripe account, then just need to sign in.

NOTE! Stripe charges a fee to process transactions. The fee varies depending on the agreement (between you and Stripe).

To find out more on the topic of receiving, copying Publishable and Secret Keys, please follow the link:

NOTE!  The seller can’t change Stripe Keys. In order to change it, the seller has to make a request to support. 

In order to make payment by card as a customer, it is necessary to go to the organization's information section, select the customer's name (1).v.png

Edit Organization profile(2). In more details read-Edit Organization profile


Change Payment method way- to the "Payment card". Select the Info icon, to check details.

The next step is the card data entry-"Save".


In order to verify the payment, the customer has to check his bank account.

If payment was successful, the seller and customer will get the following email notification:


If the payment failed, the seller and customer will get the following email notification:



After the payment has been made, the status will be immediately updated.

NOTE! Payments happen overnight. If invoices are issued during the day, they will be verified the following day.

For more details read the article Incoming Invoices


The seller and customer can’t see payment details on the platform. All information is saved in the database.

In order to check payment history, the seller has to go to - Stripe dashboard  Payments.

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