How to purchase subscriptions?

The Rethink platform lets you buy and handle subscriptions, following the guidelines outlined in this article.

In this article:

To purchase a Subscription through the Product Catalog, select the desired product in the catalog by clicking “View Offers”. 


The “More information” (1) link in the selected offer will provide an extended description. Press “Buy Now” (2) to add the offer to the Shopping Cart.  


When purchasing a new subscription with the same Offer ID as a currently active subscription, the following pop-up message will appear to let customers know that they already have an existing subscription:

2023-12-11 11_55_21-Product Catalog.png

This message is intended to inform customers that they have the option to adjust the quantity for existing subscriptions rather than purchasing a new one. 

The subscription name can be clicked, and it will redirect the user to the subscription edit page. If there are more than 5 subscriptions, you can scroll down to view all of them.

Step 1: Configure Plan

1. Choose the Tenant Domain.
2. Change the Quantity as desired.
3. Choose Charge Period.
4. Please note that all mandatory fields must be filled out, before the purchase can be added to the Shopping Cart!


Step 2: Select Add-ons

1. If needed, add (1) necessary add-ons to the parent license or skip (2) to the next step. 


2. If you add the add-ons, you can also change quantities and choose the charge period (similar to Step 1 above). 


3. After Add-ons (if any) are added, Confirm your choice:


4. After confirmation, a pop-up window with a purchase summary will appear on the right side of the screen: 


Step 3: Verify/modify Order

Order can also be changed:
1. Click on the license name and you will open the table as described before. 


2. If necessary, subscriptions can be removed. If this is done, a pop-up window will appear so those changes can be approved:


3. The order will be saved in the shopping cart, for later check-out, even if it is not submitted by selecting "Place order".



4. After pressing the Shopping Cart icon, a pop-up window will again appear on the right side of the screen. You can select "Place order" to finish the purchase:


Step 4: Place Order

After the "Place order" action, you will be asked to agree to Terms and Conditions. 

1. Read T&C, by clicking the link provided and mark the check-box.
2. Press the "Agree" button.

19.png                                                                                         21.png

3. You will then receive the Order Number and Order summary.
4. View orders - when an order is submitted, this is where it can be found and where you can follow the statuses of its completion. 
5. Continue Shopping - choose other licenses, add them to the cart, and place the orders.

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