What to do if I get the "Please enter a valid email?

This article explains steps that are needed to take in case you are facing a "Please enter a valid email" message while signing in.

1. If you are not able to log in to Platform due to the “Please enter a valid email” message (see the image below), this means that your Azure Active Directory (AAD) tenant domain has not been added to our authentication solution. 


To resolve this issue, please provide the following information by Submitting a request through the Knowledgebase:

  • Azure AD domain (xxx.onmicrosoft.com)
  • Alias Domains*

Note! It is essential to provide us with the AAD Custom Domains, which are associated with the main AAD xxx.onmicrosoft.com tenant domain and might be used for further sign-ins.

The complete list of the AAD tenant domains can be found in the Organization's Azure Active Directory or in the Microsoft 365 Admin Center:


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