1. Log-in to your platform  

2. Choose "Orders". By default, an open page view is Recent orders, where you can see all orders with different statuses (e.g. Start, Provision finished/failed, etc.). Also, you will see who placed the order, when the order was placed.


Here you can see the following fields:

  1. Order ID / # of items - number of the order and list of licenses.
  2. Requested changes - any changes made to the existing order/subscription (increase/decrease of licenses, license suspension) or if a new subscription is purchased.
  3. Created by - shows information in which the user/organization created the order.
  4. Date - the date when the order purchased/changes to subscription done.
  5. Status - state of order.
  6. Note - note can be added to the order.
  7. Historical orders button in Recent orders view.


From here you can access Historical orders, where you will find orders with completion statuses (Completed Success / Completed with Errors). And more details about the order, who placed, admin name, and when the order was placed. 

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