Seller: What is Generic price?

Generic price can be defined by Seller admin.

Generic price is a price configuration (Price Source + Markup) that is applied to all offer(s) that don’t have a specific price. Using the Generic prices button, it can be configured in:

  • Seller view - applied to all offers / all customers (see below, how to locate it).
  • Customer view - applied to all offers / selected customer (see below, how to locate it).

1. In Seller view, "Generic Price" can be found in the following way:

Select "Catalog"  "Customer Prices"  Select Price Type "Generic" (or "Create new")

mceclip1.png                                                                   b.png


2. In Customer view: "Generic Price" can be selected the following way:

Go to "Select Organizations"  select the Organization by clicking on its "Profile" select "Edit Prices"→ choose "Generic prices": 00.png                                                                                    


                                                                  q.png                                                                                  j.png 

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