How to read Reports?

The report is split into License-based and Usage-based reports, divided by tabs on the bottom of the page. All reports allow you to choose and select data you want to filter/see: 


1. Log-in to your platform and choose "Reports".
2. Select "License-based" or "Usage-based" report.

1. License-based reports:

Reports show all the purchased subscriptions. You can choose reports and select data you want to filter:
a. "Billing Month" 
b. "Subscription" 

1.1. License-based report for a month where billing period has not ended: 
If the billing period is from 2020-04-01 till 2020-05-01 then on 1st of April billing platform will create a new record for the period from 2020-04-01 till 2020-05-01 and in the 'Reports' section under May month will show estimated cost for the full month. If any change events take place during the month billings in Report will be split into two sub-periods and adjusted cost estimate will be visible from the next day.
1.2. Note! License based reports display Reserved Instance billings 

1.3. Report section data export:

All filtered data can be exported through the export function "three dots" (...), which are placed on the top-right corner of each data field. 


Here two options:

  • Summarized data.
  • Underlying data - for a more granular level.


 2. Usage-based reports:

Usage-based reports represent consumption data of usage-based services (Azure, AWS): 


In Usage-Based reports, the Consumed Quantity and Costs per each resource (or item) can be viewed.

Reports show data in the next month as a billing month.

Example 1: If billing cycle is 1st date and subscription is purchased on 4th January 2020. Data shall be reflected in the next Billing Month which is February 2020. 

2.1. Usage-based report for a month where billing period has not ended: 
Reports for usage based subscriptions show actual data in current month. Please note there is daily synchronization and today's consumption will be visible on the platform on next day.  

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