What will I see in my tax invoice?

Seller’s data for billing purposes automatically is populated from the Platform. The Seller will then be invoiced as per data entered into the platform. Please note that VAT tax rate will be applied depending on the following information provided in the Platform:

  • AppXite’s country of residence (Latvia)
  • Seller’s country of residence

Please, make sure that your company information in the portal is complete and up-to-date. More details regarding company billing data can be found in the section "How to Edit Organization profile?".




The following information will appear on your invoice.

  1. Seller’s billing information. If your billing information has changed, you can modify it within your account settings. Customer ERP ID is the AppXite internal ID assigned to the Seller.
  2. AppXite company’s registration number, VAT number, and legal address.
  3. The invoice number format as set up by AppXite.
  4. Invoices are issued on the second working day after the billing period ends.
  5. Terms of payment.
  6. The total current invoice amount due.
  7. VAT rates depend on the AppXite country of residence (which is Latvia) and Seller’s address. You can change your company address in your profile. Please see AppXite reference to EU VAT Directive article No, according to which VAT rate was applied.
  8. The billing period.
  9. Bill history chart shows the history of issued invoices for the last four months (not including current invoice).
  10. Bank account for transferring payment.
  11. The total invoice amount breakdown by Customer, by product, and by charge type.
  12. Start date and end date, or Charge period, depends on the date when the subscription was purchased, charge frequency (annual or monthly). Please note, that the charging period may differ from the billing period.
  13. Unit price is defined in the Appxite Platform and Services agreement. Correction invoices and Usage fee invoices will always show the quantity as 1 and unit price always will be the same as the total price.
  14. The billing information is summarized by the Customer.
  15. The total invoice amount will be the same as the total current invoice amount due.

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