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This article about Retired offer(s) ID applies to all Sellers.

Retired offer means that you cannot provision license anymore and this license is not in the current Vendor’s pricelist. The pricelists are usually publicly available on Vendor’s websites or are published in Vendor’s site. The latest information regarding Microsoft offers is usually received through several communication channels (like Microsoft Partner Center announcements and Microsoft Yammer group).

When Microsoft subscription is provisioned, the price is fixed for 12 months, however, when the subscription renews after the 12-month period, the price will also be updated if there was a change in the previous 12 months. This means that when those subscriptions were renewed, the price was updated to the current price. For example, you have provisioned the subscription in January 2019. The new price will start from January 2020.

AppXite informs its Sellers regarding retired offers. To be up-to-date with the latest subscription pricing and to take benefit from Microsoft offers with the latest features AppXite recommends to Sellers provision licenses as per the newest pricelist and suspending the old ones.


Please find below examples of retired offers and their new corresponding offers. Regarding other offers, the same approach applies: there are some other SKUs that were changed or are not present in the current Microsoft pricelist, Offer Matrix can be followed in Microsoft Partner Center.

  1. Syndication Transition licenses

For example, Syndication Transition licenses are now retired. It means, that the product itself will not disappear, but its corresponding offer will change. As a result, it is not possible to obtain prices for Syndication transition offers anymore. However, all the syndication subscriptions have their corresponding in the current pricelist. The new offer IDs for those licenses are as follows (for future reference you can find these in the Offer Matrix and pricelist downloadable from Microsoft Partner Center):

Previous offer name

Previous Offer ID

Current offer name

New Offer ID

Office 365 Business Essentials (Syndication Transition)


Office 365 Business Essentials


Office 365 Business Premium (Syndication Transition)


Office 365 Business Premium


  1. Skype for Business plus CAL

Skype for Business plus CAL is still available but not in a government price, as of October 1st, 2018, Microsoft has removed the government-priced offers and government-priced add-ons from both the license-based price list and catalog.

Previous offer name

Previous Offer ID

Current offer name

New Offer ID

Skype for Business plus CAL (Government Pricing)


Skype for Business plus CAL


  1. Dynamics 365 Team Members

The name of the subscription Dynamics 365 for Team Members Enterprise Edition was changed to the new one, Dynamics 365 Team Members. The new offer ID corresponds now with the new product name.

Previous offer name

Previous Offer ID

Current offer name

New Offer ID

Dynamics 365 for Team Members Enterprise Edition


Dynamics 365 Team Members


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