What are possible statuses of my Order?

Recent orders - orders that are in changeable status and have not been processed, can have the following statuses:

  • Provisioning Started – Order provisioning has been started and not finished.
  • Start - order has been started but not finished, the order has not been purchased yet.
  • Deleted - order has been deleted from the shopping cart. 
  • Quotes - order was sent via quote.
  • Provisioning Failed - Order provisioning has failed due to some circumstances such as wrong contact, email, etc.
  • Draft -Order has been started to be purchased and is saved as Draft to finish the purchasing process.



Historical orders – orders that have been processed and cannot be modified, have the following statuses:

  • Completed Successfully – order has been completed, the order has been purchased. 
  • Completed with Errors – Order has been completed and sent to the vendor, the vendor returns an error message with information why the order is not completed successfully e.g. fields not filled completely, email address invalid for the customer, etc.


In more details read the article  Orders

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