What do the statuses of my Orders mean?

All orders are divided into two sections - Recent orders and Historical orders.

Recent orders - orders that are in changeable status and have not been processed completely, or have been completed recently:

  • Provisioning Started – Order provisioning has been started and information has been sent to the vendor, pending confirmation from the Vendor.
  • Start - The provisioning has been started but not yet finished (not available for Microsoft offers).
  • Draft- is the status of a Quote. It has not yet been sent to the customer but is in draft mode for the seller creating it.
  • Scheduled -is for subscriptions when you choose (Custom Date - you schedule the subscription change order to take place on a particular date. The date can be observed from the subscription edit page "Scheduled Changes" tab.
  • Provisioning Finished - The Vendor has approved the order.
  • Provisioning Failed - Order provisioning has failed due to some circumstances such as wrong contact, email, etc. If hovering over the "Provisioning failed" text, in most cases it will display a message with the reason why the provisioning could not be processed.
    Please see the article about possible reasons why provisioning failed and how to fix it.

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Historical orders – orders that have been processed and cannot be modified.
Historical orders have the following possible statuses:

  • Completed – The order has been completed and the subscription has been purchased. 
  • Completed With Errors – The order has been completed and sent to the vendor, the vendor returns an error message with information about why the order was not completed successfully: fields are not filled in, email address is invalid for the customer, etc.
  • Deleted - The order has been deleted from the shopping cart. 


For more details read the article Orders.

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