How to manage Catalog?

In the Catalog Customer segment section, it is possible to choose the desired segment and modify the catalog as per business needs. Seller Admin can modify the catalog. 

a. Select "Catalog" "Customer segment". b. choose existing segment from the list or create a new segment.


The page will be opened in a new window, select the "Edit catalog" button.



Opening this page, you will by default see the Products, that are placed in the first of your defined categories ("Featured" in this case).

2. Select "Products" to see all the available products. Also, on the left side of the page, you will see different modifiable fields:                                                                         

a. Customer segment - you can adjust your catalog based on your Customer segments (read, how to create Customer segments). E.g. if you have "Silver" or "Gold" class customers, you can adjust the catalog individually for each of the segments to see. By default, if no segment is selected, changes in the catalog will be applicable to all customers.
b. Vendors - for easier search, you can filter Vendors, which products you want to select.
c. All Products - here you will see all available products, that are in production.
d. Categories - initially categories are predefined by the platform set-up. But you can easily modify them (rename, add, change order, etc.) according to your needs and vision. Numbers next to the category name will indicate the amount of products that are in a particular category.

e. Products that are not placed in any category, will not have the categories listed in its body.
f. Categories, in which the product is already placed, will have them listed in its body. 


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