What will I see in Incoming invoices if I am Direct Seller?

Log-in to your Seller platform and select the Invoices tab. On this page please select "Incoming" as per the screenshot below:


Your customers will not see this section at all. These invoices are summarized billing data for you as a Seller.

The incoming invoice page will cover the following items:26a.png

  1. Invoice status:
    • Verified - Invoices are visible once status Verified is set. That is done after the verification process is completed by AppXite. Microsoft invoices created by Microsoft are automatically verified, and you will see them immediately those appear in the Platform; 
    • Processed - when invoices are physically sent out by AppXite, status is changed to "Processed".
  2. Invoice ID - by clicking on the invoice ID, the selected invoice can be checked in detail.
  3. Invoice number - invoice number assigned by the Vendor or Service Provider.
  4. Invoice provider - Vendor or Service Provider from which the subscriptions/services are purchased.
  5. Contract type:
    • Cloud Service Provider - Office 365 License usage and Azure consumption.
    • CSP Support - AppXite provided CSP support for O365 products to Seller and its customers.
    • Distribution Services - invoices from other vendors than Microsoft.
    • Standard Customer Contract - Office 365 License usage and Azure consumption for Seller's own needs;
    • Value Add Services - Seller's created services;
    • Value Add Services Support - AppXite provided CSP support for Seller's created services.
  6. Invoice date - date, when the invoice was generated in the Platform. It is not the date when invoices are sent via e-mail to Seller.
  7. Invoice amount - will reflect the Vendor/Partner price.
  8. Due date - date, by which the invoice should be paid.

Example for Microsoft Direct Sellers:


Direct Sellers may have more than one invoice per month. Each Vendor has its own invoice line. Please take a look at three lines 1, 2, and 3 above:

  1. If the invoice number has 5 digits, it means that the invoice is generated by Platform.
  2. According to the agreement between AppXite and Direct Seller, this line represents the AppXite CSP Support invoice, that is generated based on the invoice from line (1).
  3. Invoice number that has 10 symbols (letters and digits), is an invoice from Microsoft, which is 'pulled-in' to the platform from Microsoft Partner Center.

Invoice amounts from invoice line (1) and invoice line (3) have discrepancies. Please read the article "Common Platform and Microsoft invoice discrepancies".

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