What will I see in outgoing invoices?

Outgoing invoices

Outgoing invoices are calculated in the Platform, based on subscription events during the month and respective prices. Outgoing invoices from Seller view represents the total invoice to be sent to your Customers, including Seller markup: 


The outgoing invoice page will cover the following items:

  1. Invoice status - Invoices are visible once status Verified is set. That is done after the verification process is completed by AppXite.
  2. Invoice number - automatically generated by the Platform. By clicking on the invoice number, the selected invoice can be checked in detail. See the article "How can I see details of my Outgoing invoice?".
  3. Contract type - Standard Customer Contract (a contract between Seller and Customer).
  4. Invoice date - date, when the invoice was generated in the Platform.
  5. Invoice amount - will reflect the Customer price (Vendor/ Partner price + your markup).
  6. Currency - based on your residence, as a Seller.
  7. Due date - date, by which the invoice should be paid.
  8. Vendor - vendor of the offer. !Note - in rare cases there are multiple Vendors under a particular Invoice Contract type, in these situations the Vendor field is populated with "Multiple".

From Outgoing invoices, you can access "Get full reconciliation data", which will allow you to export full data on consumed items on both Customer and Seller level costs. Read more in the "How to get full Reconciliation data" section.

It is possible to configure the grouping of the seller’s invoice data so that they can consolidate invoices at the desired level.

With Appxite platform release 139,
we introduced detailed mode for invoices that explain how the correction fees are calculated based on the exact changes made to the subscription during a billing period.

Now, you can also see those details for all other fees such as purchase fee, cycle fee and renewal fee in the outgoing invoice details.


Cycle Fee Invoice Details:


Renewal Fee Invoice Details:


Purchase Fee Invoice Details:


The platform supports splitting the invoice contract by vendor contract type. This ensures that partners can streamline and optimize their cash flows. The request should be sent via support@appxite.com.

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