How to log in into the Product Management?

To log in to the Product Management, the user must be granted the Product Manager role and should be invited via the main Platform. Please read the following article on How to invite Users?

In order to access the Product management:

1. Go to

2. The following login options are available:

a. Customer-specific connection.

b. Live ID.

c. Use Username and Password, AAD account. 



a. When selecting the Customer-specific connection option, the user will be redirected to the Portal owner page, where will need to enter login and password:


b.Live Id account can be used if the email is registered at  



c. Username and Password can be used in case if the user was invited to the platform and has been granted a Product Manager role. 

Sign in with Azure Ad, if you use your work email, that is tied to your Azure account. The system will use it to authenticate access for you:

  1. Enter your email: into the "Email" field
  2. Click Log in
  3. Enter the password from your work account
  4. Sign in


Note! If the user role doesn't match with the selected option the following error message pops up: 


If you will come across an error message or  having any trouble with accessing Product Management, please contact our friendly team at

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