What is quantity price table function?

Quantity price table function used to provide a way to define price based on quantity metrics. When choosing the  "Quantity price table" function only "Quantity Control" and "Tier Mode" can be selected.  
a. "Quantity Control" - defines which control will be used as a source of quantity value. It can be NumberBox only.
b."Tier Mode" - defines how to use pricing. 

The vendor can quickly and easily add and edit large price tables for tiered pricing. 


c."Price defined" - Price defined part cannot be changed because it is just informative control. It just makes users realize that they need to set a monthly price.

It is possible to copy-paste from some cells to other cells, remove any row, rearrange rows.

The table allows copying data from Excel, if there are a smaller amount of rows than in Excel data, new rows automatically will be added. 

d. It is possible to reorder rows via a drag icon. This kind of reordering allows moving newly added rows into any place of the table (including the first row).

e. By selecting the bin icon, the selected row will be removed.  

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