How to configure the price plan?

The image  below is how CPQ offer will be displayed in the platform:


After the pricing plan is "Designed"  the next step is to apply a formula to that plan which is done under the "Price" section:


a. Switch language - by selecting an arrow, different language can be selected; 

b. Currency – you will see in what currency price is created, always choose your local currency; 

c. Billing period - you can select the billing period, between Monthly, Yearly, and One time.

d. Pricing rules - you can define rules for your price; 

d.1 Delete Icon – delete pricing formula if needed;


e. Formula - choose the section which is applicable to your designed pricing plan:

f. Quantity control - defines which control will be used as a source of quantity value. It can be NumberBox only. In more detail read the article Design section overview

g. Tier mode - defines how to use pricing.

  • Volume: Sell each item by the price of the last corresponding row.
  • Graduated: Sell each item by the price of each corresponding row. 
  • Up to: Sell all items for the price of the corresponding row

h. "Included Quantity" - defines how many items will be sold for 0$. Is not applicable for tier mode UpTo. Included Quantity should fit into the first tier. 

i. Tier table - defines different tiers. First-tier can't be deleted as it represents the quantity price and should always be used. 

2cp.pngj. "Min (inclusive)" and "Max (inclusive)" are defining a range of quantity per tier.  First-tier starts from the minimum quantity that has been indicated in the offer configuration, in this example it is 1. 

k. "In Price" and "Retail price" is used to define the price for this tier.

  • In - Price is vendor price (other terms that used in the market: distributor price, cost price, list price, internal price etc.).
  • Retail Price - is the end-customer price, however, a seller is responsible for price management on the reseller level and can apply either own margin on top or give a discount to the customer (other terms that used in the market: SRP, ERP, customer price, end-price etc.).

Select a "Preview Mode" to see a pricing plan in the customer view,  or switch between  "Designer" to apply changes. 

cpq_10.pngNote! All forms & pricing plans can be configured in a single system. It's possible to provision offers that have single quantity control. It's possible to create any offer in CPQ without RET Form Builder.

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