How to change the name of subscription?

If you already have an existing subscription with a similar name, you can rename the subscription to be able to distinguish them. To do that, click on the Subscriptions tab and select the subscription you want to modify.

ss4.pngSelect the "Edit" button from the below page, in order to apply changes:



A pop-up window will appear:


a1. Now – The change order is created and processed immediately.

b1. After renewal/commitment – this option allows scheduling changes that vendors do not allow you to make during an active commitment term. Scheduled changes will apply on renewal. This option may not be available for some subscriptions.

c1. Custom date – this option allows to select any future date. On the selected date the order will be sent to the vendor and changes will apply upon successful provisioning.

The details of the subscription will be opened in a new window.


a. Edit subscription- select edit subscription and choose the desired name.

b. Select Save changes.

After saving changes, a pop-up window with a Terms & Conditions tab will appear, press the
"I agree" button to continue.

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