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AvePoint offers to include a free trial period until the first billing date of the next month. This means no matter at which date you choose to place an order, you will be billed only from the 1st day of the next months. 

Check out AvePoint Onboarding Guide for Elements. 

Once the order is completed Admin that was indicated in the order form will receive a welcome e-mail with instructions from AvePoint.  Recipients will be included in the welcome email with the subject line “Welcome to Cloud Backup and Migration! Take a look inside to get started ... ":

  • The recipients indicated in the TO field: customer tenant owner; customer email address in the order
  • The recipients indicated in the CC field: partner tenant owner; partner email address in the order


After you have Signed-up in your AvePoint portal it will assign the license code that will be sent to the same Admin indicated in the order form. Download the guide and follow instructions on how to activate the code. 


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