Vendors General Guide

Every vendor has its own journey, this guide covers the main aspects that are applicable to all vendor solutions in the platform and can be found under the Product Catalog. For more complex vendor solutions, including login, vendor portal set-up and migrations see guidelines under the Vendor section. 

AppXite Platform serves to enable the configuration, provisioning, and administration of cloud technologies through the automation. For some specific solutions, there is a Partner Portal/Vendor Platform that has to be used to manage the subscriptions and accounts. In cases like that, after placing an order an end-user or admin will always receive a notification automated welcome e-mail from the vendor with further actions and guidelines to perform. See the graph below. 

Customers can follow the provisioning process in the AppXite Platform under section Orders, it will appear when the order has been processed. Read more about order status - What are the possible statuses of my Order?




An add-on provides additional functionality to the subscription that you buy it for. It is not visible in the product catalog as a separate SKU, because it is linked to a parent offer and there is no possibility to purchase an add-on separately. Parent offer always comes first to be placed, and if there are add-ons to parent offer a new tab will display where a customer can select needed add-ons and proceed to the checkout. 

In more detail read the article - How to manage add-on?


There are three (3) options of trials on the platform, depends on the vendor solutions. 

  1. A separate SKU. Not auto-renewed. At the trial expiration date place a new order with a subscription, using the same tenant name as for trial. Our advice is to place an order at least 2 business days before your trial expires. 
  2. Includes a free trial period in the subscription (can be 14; 30 or 60  days). This means you get to try the first month without being billed. Then, the subscription will commence unless you choose to suspend it prior to the first day of the subscription period. If the option is applicable then this is always described in the Offer description. 
  3. Includes a free trial period until the first billing date of the next month. This means no matter at which date you choose to place an order, you will be billed only from the 1st day of the next months. 

Some vendors do not offer a trial, then none of the above is applicable and you should proceed with the standard order. 

Terms and Conditions

End-customer will need to read and agree to the Terms and Conditions before completing the purchase. Terms & Conditions (also known as terms of use and terms of service, commonly abbreviated as TOS or ToSToU or T&C, EULA, SLA ) are the legal agreements between a vendor and the end-customer. The End-customer must agree to abide by the terms & conditions in order to use the offer. If you purchase on behalf of the customer, make sure the customer has read and accepted the Terms & Conditions. 

Note!  End-customer can place the order when is logged in as a user, or a Seller on behalf of the customer organization. If you purchase on behalf of the customer make sure that the customer has authorized you to perform any actions. You can add your Terms&Conditions for all customer acceptance. 

Partner Support provided by the Vendor directly

Includes basic business day customer service and support, such as providing general product and purchase information and responding to basic questions about product functions.

  • You will be contacted within 24h
  • The main language for support cases is English, if not specified otherwise by the vendor
  • Only remote support
  • Online access to documentation and technical resources, knowledge base, discussion forums
  • Online access to product updates and upgrades

Basic Support is for non-critical issues and platforms that require support during normal business hours.

If you reach out to Partner Support it is important to reference your case e.g. for an existing subscription a customer name and subscription information are required. This will help expedite any customer support or related situation. 

Seller, as well as end-customer, can leverage the Partner Support service for some solutions. Reach out directly to the vendor for a quote or any questions. Contacts for support can be found in the ISV Portfolio


More information about vendors on the platform can be found in ISV-Portfolio.

Watch our webinar about Vendor Introduction to get more familiar with the vendor guide. 

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