How to change the Billing cycle of the Subscription?

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NOTE! Currently, this article relates to subscriptions without add-ons only. The billing cycle for subscriptions with add-ons can now be only changed directly in the MS Partner Center!
Also, if several subscriptions have been purchased via a single purchase order, the billing cycle can be changed for all the active subscriptions from that particular order.  As a workaround, the billing cycle in such cases can be changed directly through the MS Partner Center.

In order to change the billing cycle of the subscription, select the Subscriptions tab, the section will be opened in a new window. Here you can see the subscription's existing billing cycle.  To change the billing cycle of the subscription:

Select the "Billing cycle".
a. Adjust the charge period (Monthly or Yearly).
b. Select "Save changes".


After saving changes, a pop-up window with a Terms & Conditions will appear, press the                           "I agree" button to continue.


Note! if to change the billing cycle period, the changes will become effective immediately. Costs are adjusted in the upcoming invoice.

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