How to create a Quote?

Seller admin or Account Manager is able to create Quotes for the end-customers.

1. Select the organization you prefer to send a quote to and log in on behalf of that organization.  


Note! The new Quote can only be generated from the Shopping Cart. 

2. Navigate to the offer from the Product Catalog you would like to send a quote and Proceed to the check-out.


3. Select Create Quote and a new window will be opened. 

1a.pnga. Change the name of the Quote.
b. Choose recipients who will receive this Quote. The chosen organization must have at least 1 Customer or Customer Admin role in their user list. The quote can be sent to the customer as soon as their user is invited to the platform – no need to wait for them to accept the invite via email.  If this dropdown is empty, there either no users specifically for this organization, or they don't have the Customer or Customer Admin role.

Note! The user who did not accept the invitation before will get notification of quote, but will not be able to accept or request changes. When a user clicks either of those buttons before having accepted the invite, they will see an error page that suggests accepting the invite in order to get access to this quote.

c. Select how many days the customer needs to accept this Quote.
d. Remove offers and change quantity. 
e. Edit the margin.
f. Add comments to the Quote. 
g. Option to Delete Draft a pop-up window will appear, press the Confirm to continue.

2a.pngAfter deleting the Quote, you will see the Deleted status under the "Quotes" section.

12a.pngh. Option Send to the customer button, you will see the Sent status under the "Quotes" section.


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