How to edit a Quote?

As an Account Manager or Seller Admin, you can edit quotes before and after sending them to the customer.

In order to edit a Quote, follow the below steps.

1. Select section Quotes.


a. Go to the Quote name and select it, the section will be opened in a new window.


You can:

1. Change the Quote name.
2. Adjust tenant domain, quantity, charge period, and price configuration in the pop-up window.


3. Remove the offer from the cart.
4. Add other offers.
5. Add comments.
6. Save made changes.
7. Cancel the quote. To cancel the Quote read the article How to cancel Quote?
8. Send updates.

b. Quotes can have the following statuses:

Sent: The customer has not responded with an action on a Quote.
Accepted: The quote has been accepted by the customer. 

Note! When the Quote has been accepted by the customer, the offer will appear as an order, under the section Orders. The Quote statuses will be set to Accepted. Provisioning of purchased items is initiated, invoicing will take place and any other processes are kicked off as for regular purchase.

Canceled: Canceled and invalidated by the seller, which makes the Quote impossible to accept by the customer.
Draft: The Quote has not been sent to the customer and is visible only to the Seller.
Expired: Quote validity period ended with no customer response.

Rejected: The Quote has been rejected by the customer.
Change Requested: The customer has requested a change for a quote. The quote can be canceled or modified and sent again. The quote can be canceled only by the Seller. 

Option to Hide inactive Quotes, and view only the active (Sent) Quotes. 


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